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What is Carrier Interconnect
as a Service?

Carrier interconnect as a Service (CIaaS) provides the essential physical and virtual components needed to deliver communication workloads in the cloud.

Symbio CIaaS frees you to focus on managing customer experience instead of carrier interconnect. With CIaaS, your core voice network resources – including carrier interconnect, global routing, security and peering – are available on-demand at a predictable monthly cost.

Symbio CIaaS is available in all coverage regions, and as a multi-regional solution.

Why Symbio CIaaS?

Migrating to a CIaaS solution helps you reduce maintenance of carrier interconnect and peering, save money on network upgrades, and increase the quality, security and reliability of your Asia-Pacific voice coverage.

Full control over customer experience

Multi-regional coverage

Compliant, high quality voice calling

On-demand scale

Automate & integrate via API

Win back time. Win customer hearts and minds.

Purpose-built for communication service providers, large and small, Symbio CIaaS frees your time and resources for what matters most: customer experience.

Domestic telecoms & MSPs

Access the same resources and capabilities as leading carriers in your region, without the need for huge infrastructure investments.

Symbio manages your core infrastructure, locally and internationally, while you manage your own soft switch and customer applications.

Global SaaS & service providers

Simplify global scale. Extend your communication product suite into Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and beyond.

Our infinite-scale carrier voice infrastructure is at your control. Deliver multi-national services in more regions with confidence.

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