Deliver mission-critical voice services with confidence

Protect your users with carrier-grade security. With Symbio, your communications are protected by proactive monitoring, fraud mitigation and best-practice security standards.

Key security & privacy features

Proactive network security

Call traffic is monitored by dedicated systems that help identify suspicious patterns. In addition, our Global Network Operations Centre (GNOC) and local support teams provide round the clock network oversight.

Anti-fraud control

We take toll fraud very seriously. We have a variety of systems in place to identify suspicious traffic patterns and may actively block high-risk destinations. Active toll fraud mitigation is in place for Australia and New Zealand.

We also provide you with information and best practices so that you can secure your own endpoints. Together we can reduce the impact of PBX hacking and International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF).

Account overspend protection

We understand international calling is a risk for many service providers. International call charges can be amassed quickly due to high customer usage, toll fraud or other bad actors.

For peace of mind, Australian and New Zealand customers can deliver international calling via prepaid SIP Trunks. This allows you to allocate separate call capacity and a separate billing limit for international calling.

You will receive real-time alerts as you reach key account balance thresholds. Once your billing limit is reached, international calls will be barred – preventing bill shock. You can increase your prepaid limit at any time to enable international calling.

Service uptime & monitoring

We’ve established a consistent uptime track record powered by a reliable monitoring system that ensure teams are instantly notified of all possible safety risks.

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