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Compliance expertise in Asia-Pacific

With Symbio, you have the assurance of working with a multi-regional Carriage Service Provider. We bring you closer to local carriers and regulators and help you stay on top of market change.

Alliance for Competition in Digital Communications

Alliance for Competition in Digital Communications

Pacific Telecommunication Council

Pacific Telecommunications Council

Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission

Australian Communications and Media Authority

Australian Communications and Media Authority

Commerce Commission New Zealand

Commerce Commission New Zealand

Infocomm Media Development Authority

Infocomm Media Development Authority

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Tick the right regulatory boxes and stay on top of important industry updates. We can point you to the information you need.

Key areas to consider


Number porting - Local, Toll Free and Mobile

Emergency calling to 000

Emergency address information in the IPND

Scam calling regulations

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New Zealand

Number porting - Local and 0800

Emergency calling to 111*

Emergency address information in the NAD

Scam calling regulations


Number porting - Local (L6 & L3)

Emergency calling to 999

Maintaining a subscriber registry

Scam calling regulations


Local Service Provider Licensing

Emergency calling to 999

Scam calling regulations

Scam calling regulations

*In New Zealand, the 111 Emergency Call number provides access to is Police, Fire and Ambulance Emergency Service Organisations, and should be used for legitimate purposes only. The information we disclose to Emergency Service Organisations includes Calling Party Number and Caller Location Information.

Fight illegal phone scams

Deliver the best possible experience for your customers. Reduce scam calls and protect valid call traffic from over-zealous enforcement.

Phone scams are sophisticated and difficult to detect. Scammers often spoof local or toll-free numbers, pretending to be a valid caller.

Our anti-scam call solution checks A-partyCaller ID information against government and carrier records. It works like a digital thumbprint to confirm that an incoming call is coming from a valid number.

Combating phone scams is a long-term effort. Symbio actively works with local carriers and law enforcement to verify, trace and block scam calls that traverse our network.

Experiencing scam calls?

If you are receiving unwanted or scam calls, please visit our dedicated scam reporting page.

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