Roar louder in the lion city

Deliver local numbers, painless porting and high quality calling in Singapore. All on a voice network built for cloud communication.

Connect via IP

Connect quickly and scale infinitely. Carrier-grade SIP interconnect gives you flexibility and control.

Port and allocate numbers

Buy Singapore Inbound, Level 3 and Level 6 numbers or port existing services into the cloud.

High quality calling

Provide Singapore call termination with up to 99.999% uptime and low latency domestic routing.

Local knowledge

Resolve faults and porting issues faster. Leverage our expert teams and local carrier relationships.

Secure calling

Maximise security and enable encryption calling with SIP TLS and SRTP extensions.

Multi-regional hub

Serve customers across multiple countries through a single Symbio interconnect.

Simplify carrier complexity

Simplify and strengthen your communication backbone in Singapore. Symbio is a licensed Facilities Based Operator and fibre network owner. Use our Tier 1 network, connected with all major providers, to enable nation-wide calling and local number porting.

Connect to our network via a dedicated 2-way SIP Trunk. Eliminate the headaches of managing legacy E1s and move to a flexible, high-performance cloud foundation.

Facilities Based Operator (FBO) accreditation

Geo-redundant data centre presence

Metro dark fiber backbone

Level up with Singapore local numbers

Access Singapore local numbers, including Level 6 numbers which are preferred by business and enterprise.

Number portability is supported. So you can migrate customers away from legacy phone services and into the cloud.

Better quality and service

With Symbio, you get all the advantages of working with a local carrier - performance, reliability, rapid scale and expertise.

Plus, our support and Porting teams work in the Singapore time zone, helping you resolve faults and roadblocks.

See where else Symbio can connect you

Scale your communication services with our Asia-Pacific network.

Build your business in Singapore

Expand into the Singapore market or scale your existing presence. Contact Sales to discuss your needs.

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