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Symbio is your complete communications stack

Only Symbio delivers your full communication stack, from local carrier infrastructure to enterprise collaboration, across multiple Asia-Pacific regions.

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What makes us different

Telecom networks

Old-fashioned telecoms weren’t designed for modern communication. Only a true cloud-ready network can deliver the scale, quality and control you need.

The Symbio advantage

Multi-regional coverage, carrier quality and self-service control. Symbio is built for modern communications.

Global aggregators

Don't risk your calls and messages with a middle-man aggregator. With Symbio, you're going to the source, working with a trusted local carrier.

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The Symbio advantage

Escape the limitations of legacy networks and wholesale aggregators. Symbio gives you the quality, features, flexibility and control that others cannot.

Legacy networks

Legacy carrier networks weren’t designed to help you launch, scale and innovate. In fact, they can be your #1 roadblock and competitor.

Wholesale aggregators

Aggregators don't connect directly to all local networks, and as a middle man, mean you're always a few steps removed and a few steps behind.

The Symbio advantage

Symbio brings together everything needed to deploy and manage modern communication services.

Rapid market entry

Expand your footprint in Asia-Pacific using a future-proof IP network and product suite. The hard work of carrier interconnects and porting agreements is done for you.

Carrier quality

Make speed and quality your point of difference. We connect directly to every carrier in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. So you can route calls directly, for better quality and control.

Infinite scalability

Eliminate capacity planning. You can’t outgrow Symbio. Our high capacity SIP infrastructure, cloud architecture and API-powered porting give you the power to operate at software scale.

High availability

You’ll never think about downtime again. Our fiber-based network is built for stability and reliability. Geo-redundant, clustered architecture and round-the-clock global network monitoring keep your services running.


Don’t get tripped up by local regulations or slowed down by bureaucracy. We can point you to the information you need to understand your compliance obligations.

Self-service control

Manage our cloud infrastructure as your own. Our no-code / low code tools and APIs put control in your hands. Manage number porting, compliance, inbound call flows and more.  

Local knowledge & support

Whether you’ve run into a carrier roadblock, have questions about local compliance or need to troubleshoot a fault, our expert team are available to assist you. We’re telecom experts, so you don’t have to be.

Asia-Pacific coverage

Symbio is a licensed communications carrier in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, and works with Tier 1 networks throughout the region. Plus we maintain high capacity links to over 220 routing partners worldwide.

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