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Local phone numbers in major Asia-Pacific regions

Allocate new phone numbers or port existing numbers. With Symbio you have unrivalled coverage of high growth markets in Asia-Pacific.

Australian flag in circle shape


Local geographic

Virtual mobile

Toll free & shared cost
(1800 /13/1300)

Porting available

New Zealand flag in circle shape

New Zealand

Local geographic

Toll Free (0800/0508)

Porting available

Singapore  flag in circle shape


Local VoIP (Level 3)

Local geographic (Level 6)

Porting available


Local geographic

Indonesia flag in circle shape


Local geographic

Philippines flag in circle shape


Local geographic

Virtual mobile

Available number types

Expand your business into new markets with local geographic, mobile and toll-free numbers. Find out which is right for you.

Local geographic numbers

Geographic (fixed line) numbers within a specified city or region. Available in major APAC countries. Inbound calls can be routed to any answer point, worldwide.

Graphic local geographic telephone numbers - Map pin marker with hashtag, 1800, 0800, and L6 numbers

Virtual mobile numbers

Virtual mobile (cellular) phone numbers operate without a SIM. Virtual mobile numbers can support two-way calling and SMS in a specific country. Available in selected APAC regions.

Graphic virtual mobile numbers - mobile telephone with chat messages and replies

Toll free numbers

International Freephone Services (IFS/ITFS) can be dialled at no charge within a specific country. Symbio provides IFS numbers in Australia (1800) and New Zealand (0800/0508). Inbound calls can be routed to any answer point, worldwide.

Graphic toll free numbers - globe with map pin marker, hashtag and telephone numbers beginning 0800, 1800, 0508

Shared cost numbers

Shared cost numbers (13, 1300) can be dialled at reduced cost from Australian phone services. Shared cost numbers are commonly used by Australian small business and enterprise. Inbound calls can be routed to any answer point, worldwide.

Graphic shared cost telephone numbers - Mobile and landline telephone icons on top of Australia map

Management portal

Take control of your numbers effortlessly. The Connect Portal is a centralised platform where you can effortlessly lease numbers, view inventory, and manage users. Access the power of APIs without having to rely on a development team.  

The self-service Portal provides a seamless experience for managing and provisioning your numbers helping you to maximise your time and cost efficiency.  

Experience a new level of real-time control and flexibility over your business operations, giving you the freedom to upscale and expand your business with ease.

Streamline number porting

Move phone numbers off legacy networks and into the cloud. Porting is a crucial first step in migrating your local customers to UCaaS and cloud collaboration.

With Symbio, number porting is fast and painless. Initiate number ports automatically with our Porting APIs. Then take charge of port progress, compliance and carrier requirements via our online tools.

If you run into hold-ups, our porting experts are on your side. We have deep relationships with all local carriers and regulators, and work in the local time zone. So you’re not stuck waiting and wondering.

Local experts on your side

Porting and hosting numbers is complex. That’s why we have a dedicated porting team that can assist with pre-port validation, carrier negotiation, number conditioning, testing and assurance.

Sometimes you need local knowledge and personal support. If faults or roadblocks arise, you’ll always be able to get in touch with our expert team.

Carrier-grade VoIP origination

Deliver inbound voice and VoIP origination with confidence. With Symbio, your numbers are hosted on battle-tested IP infrastructure. It’s a rock-solid backbone for reliable, high quality call origination and termination services.

Crystal clear compliance

Telecom regulations are confusing. When it comes to the requirements for porting and using local numbers, Symbio points you in the right direction.

See how Symbio can help you

Make numbers and porting your competitive advantage.

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