Global Voice

International voice that goes the long-distance

Connect with customers worldwide. Send and receive voice traffic across 90+ destinations using our meticulously tested global routes.

How it works

Global Voice is a simple way to connect your communication service to the world’s telecom networks. Whether you need international calling for a single country, or for every country, Symbio can help.

Our collaborative approach connects you with originating and terminating networks around the world, with Symbio working in the middle, as your global routing partner.

Global Voice routes are carefully selected from over 220+ international partners, and continuously monitored for quality and stability.

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Use cases

Symbio handles over 6.5 billion international voice minutes per annum, across a wide variety of software and telecom use cases.

Telecom operator

Enable your customers to make fixed, VoIP and mobile calls from anywhere in the world to over 90 international destinations.

Flexible delivery

Manage your own A-Z routing or let Symbio do it for you, meeting agreed quality and margin targets.

Origin based routing

Automatic country of origin routing delivers the best possible cost for your traffic profile.

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Recommended for:

  • Telecom providers
  • Mobile networks
  • MVNOs

UC & Collaboration

Pre-qualified, carrier tested routes ensure your collaboration and conferencing traffic is accepted in more regions.

UCaaS & contact center

Support domestic-to-domestic calls, such as between global branch offices, where calls are routed via international trunks.

Dial-in conferencing

Use our pre-qualified partners and stable routes to prevent your legitimate conferencing traffic being mistaken for spam.

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Recommended for:

  • Enterprise MSPs
  • UCaaS providers
  • Conferencing vendors

Call verification

Ensure delivery of high volume, short duration traffic, such as for one-time password (voice OTP) and flash call verification.

CLI guaranteed

Caller Line Identification (CLI) is preserved and delivered in local domestic format where possible.

Higher deliverability

Voice verification traffic is routed via our local partners who are pre-qualified to accept this unusual traffic profile.

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Recommended for:

  • CPaaS providers
  • Voice aggregators

Wholesale voice

Trade and swap wholesale voice traffic with A-Z destination coverage across fixed and mobile.

Competitive price

Strike the optimal balance of competitive wholesale pricing and stable call quality.

Asia-Pacific specialist

Trade and swap voice for any destination, with specialist coverage of Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the Pacific islands.

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Recommended for:

  • Telecom providers
  • Mobile networks
  • Voice aggregators

Why Symbio for international voice?

We take care of carrier connectivity, quality assurance and local regulatory requirements. It's international voice, without the complexity.

Deliver high quality international calling and roaming to meet the needs of today’s market.

24x7x365 global network monitoring

Direct and bi-lateral routes

Stable, trusted routing partners

Proactive fault management

ASR and NER quality benchmarks

CLI pass-through on selected routes

Asia-Pacific communication specialist

Our local expertise gives you a home ground advantage. Operating in Asia and the Pacific for more than 30 years, you can trust Symbio’s reach, relationships and specialist experience.

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