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Grow telecom revenue with Number Manager

Take control of inbound calls with Symbio Number Manager. With Number Manager, you have everything you need to offer premium inbound services under your own brand.

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Business Inbound Numbers

Number Manager allows you to route, manage and monitor inbound calls with just a few clicks.

Symbio provides an entire range of inbound numbers to suit businesses operating locally, nationally and internationally.

Fully White-label

BYO Domain and Branding. Number Manager is fully white-label, and can be customised to fit your brand’s look and feel.

This allows you to choose the features available within Number Manager, as well as how it looks so you can promote it your way.

Features and Services

Number Manager comes with a wide array of advanced call routing and management features. This means you can pick and choose which features you want to offer, and create flexible pricing models for your customers.

Call Queuing

With network Call Queueing you have unlimited line capacity. Calls are queued within the carrier network, so you don’t need expensive surplus lines on site to handle call volumes that only occur during peak periods.

Graphic local geographic telephone numbers - Map pin marker with hashtag, 1800, 0800, and L6 numbers

Multiple Number Types

Number Manager supports 1300, 1800, 13, Local, Mobile and International Numbers. Choose from Milllions of Symbio’s own numbers, or easily port your existing numbers.

Graphic virtual mobile numbers - mobile telephone with chat messages and replies

IVR - Auto Attendant

Add an automated menu system to your number. Customers can choose options by pressing numbers on their dial pad, directing their call to where it needs to go.

Graphic toll free numbers - globe with map pin marker, hashtag and telephone numbers beginning 0800, 1800, 0508

Online Call Statistics

Our touch-of-a-button call reports can provide instant and valuable information about the calls you receive. Receive quick info in real time and live call status reports so you can monitor and react as needed.

Graphic shared cost telephone numbers - Mobile and landline telephone icons on top of Australia map

Additional Features and Services

Icon globe with location pin

Call Recording

Record any number without hardware installation. Download recordings directly, or receive them via email or FTP.

Graphic icon calendar with a tick check mark

Caller & Date Exceptions

Create routing rules for specific phone numbers, or for specific dates.

Graphic icon, telecommunications tower

Disaster Recovery

Divert calls to an alternate line or plan to respond to an emergency.

Icon cloud with linking nodes, coverage

Area-Based Routing

Route calls based on the geographical origin of the caller. State, exchange or postcode-based locations are supported.

Graphic icon user with speech bubble ellipse communication

Voicemail & Missed Call Alerts

Customers can leave voicemails during pre-determined times. Email notifications can be also be sent to notify of missed calls.

Graphic icon mobile and landline telephones

Display Number

A caller's number and the number they have dialled can be displayed.

Icon help desk headphones with microphone

Mid-Call Transfer

Transfer calls internally, or from one type of line to another. This avoids transfer costs and unnecessary traffic on your phone lines.

Graphic icon landline telephone

Hunt Group & Multi-Call

This enables multiple phones to cycle or ring at once until one is answered.

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