Asia-Pacific is a high-growth region for unified communications (UCaaS) and customer experience and contact centre (CCaaS) solutions.

Introducing 24x7 Global Service Assurance

Joanne Iacono

GM Operations – Symbio Connect

December 19, 2023

Asia-Pacific is a high-growth region for unified communications (UCaaS) and customer experience and contact centre (CCaaS) solutions. Global service providers, including software vendors and global telecoms, are keen to extend their offerings into this exciting growth market.  

However, achieving global communications scale can create operational headaches. For service providers based in the United States or Europe, the time zone difference can be punishing. Especially when trying to plan and problem solve with overseas carriers.  

That’s why we’ve introduced 24×7 service assurance for Symbio Connect customers.  

Our follow-the-sun support model makes it convenient for global communication providers to work with us, whenever and wherever they need.

Delivering service assurance at global scale

Providing service assurance at scale is complex. The Symbio network underpins calling and A2P messaging in Asia-Pacific, plus worldwide A-Z voice coverage.  

As we have scaled, we have invested to improve every aspect of our customer service operations.  

This includes building self-service platforms and real-time network monitoring tools, to hiring additional staff to cover global time zones. Our focus is delivering expert and responsive service for our global customers.

Starting with the customer

Our global service assurance model is designed with large global and multi-national service providers in mind. Rather than forcing customers to fit our process, we’re reimaging our process to fit them.  

We also see our service assurance process as part of our product development process. We continuously learn from customers, using your direct feedback and support requests as a key input for our engineering roadmap.  

Some of our recent product enhancements, such as porting automation and SIP TLS, initially stem from customer requests. We rely on your feedback to make our platform better.


How to access 24x7 service assurance

Existing customers

For Symbio Connect customers - our service assurance teams will now be available around the clock, via phone and email. We will work closely with you to ensure the quality, security, and resilience of your voice and messaging traffic as it traverses our network.

Future customers

For global service providers, Symbio gives you the flexibility to collaborate across time zones. Symbio Connect customers are backed by premium service, including:

  • 24x7 availability via phone and email
  • Expert voice and data network engineering teams  
  • Clear manager escalation lines - for support and planning on priority issues
  • A designated account manager who deeply understands your use-case, and can assist with migration and ongoing capacity planning  
  • Deep experience with telecom regulation and carrier process in Asia-Pacific

Unlock seamless global connectivity and support

For more information about Symbio Connect and our 24x7 service assurance, please get in touch via our contact page.

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