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Inbound Call Management is a Game-Changer for Telecoms Resellers

Ben Dobbin

General Manager – Enablement

June 8, 2021

Have you ever tried to setup call routing features for your customers?  If so, you already know how quickly custom routing can become technical, messy and time-consuming.

With Symbio Number Manager there is a better way.

Number Manager is our new online tool for inbound call management. Like all our reseller products, this can be white labelled, making it suitable for you to rebrand and provide to end-customers.

If your customers wish to have greater control over where and how calls come into their business, Number Manager makes it possible.

Access millions of numbers

Number Manager extends the power of Symbio cloud phone numbers available in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Any numbers that you order and port through Symbio can be displayed in Number Manager, giving you granular control over each inbound service.

Symbio numbering coverage includes:


  • Shared-cost 13 and 1300 numbers
  • Toll free 1800 numbers
  • Local geographic numbers in all capital cities
  • Virtual mobile numbers

New Zealand

  • Toll free 0800 and 0508 numbers
  • Local geographic numbers


  • Level 3 numbers (VoIP services)
  • Level 6 numbers (local PSTN services)

Number portability is also supported for many number types, allowing you to move existing local and toll-free numbers away from legacy networks.

Visual call routing  

Number Manager is designed to be a breath of fresh air for anyone who’s had to wrangle legacy PBX and call routing systems.

The first things you’ll love are the visual interface and drag-and-drop flow builder, which hide the complexity you’d usually associate with number configuration.

You won’t have to be a ‘techie’ to be able to manage how, when and where your calls are routed.

You can configure specific routing features stand-alone – there are more than 25 to choose from – or combine multiple routing features together into an end-to-end call flow.

The visual builder means you can now see what you call flows look like, and update them, all in the same place. It’s a simpler, more user-friendly approach.

Real-time control

One of the most tangible improvements is the speed that you can make changes.

When you create a call routing feature, or update an existing call flow, your changes are synced and live within seconds.

For example – If an enterprise customer is hit by an NBN outage, or perhaps a surge in calls to their support line, Number Manager gives you the tools to respond in real time.

In this example, you can quickly and easily setup call overflows, call queues and bespoke area-based routing. You’re not stuck waiting for a tech to go out on site or waiting for a carrier to respond. You can act in real time.

If you already provide inbound number services, the speed and agility added by Number Manager gives you a compelling upsell.

Real-time reporting

Another important part of this tool is the call reporting feature. Easily monitor live call data and access reports on historical call data.

Whatever you need to know, call reports can provide instant and valuable information about the calls you receive.

Self-service portal

Number Manager can be white-labelled, allowing you to rebrand and resell this tool as your own. You can add your own logo and brand colours and host it on your own domain.

Once branded, you can provide Number Manager to your customers as a self-service portal. (Enterprise and Contact Centre customers prefer this self-service capability). Being able to offer a user-friendly, self-service portal is a compelling point of difference.

As part of white-labelling you can also choose what call routing features and services are included – ‘locking down’ the features that customers don’t need to access.

Why is this a game-changer?

Inbound numbers are mission-critical for business, enterprise and contact centers. For telecom resellers and MSPs they can be a high-margin product that delivers long-term revenue.

But the inbound numbering market is competitive, and it can be difficult to win customers away from legacy networks. If you want to win ‘rusted on’ customers, you need to offer them unique value.

Now, with Symbio Number Manager, you have several compelling points of difference:

  • Multi-regional coverage
  • Powerful drag-and-drop interface
  • Ability to update in real-time
  • Advanced routing and reporting features
  • Optional customer self-service

In short, it’s everything you need to compete, and win, as an inbound service provider.

Whether you’re new to the communications market, or have an established customer base, Number Manager can add value to your business.

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