Environment, social and governance

Working Towards a Future Transformed

Symbio is delivering an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy to transform our shared future through initiatives which focus on the topics most material to us.

Recent Achievements

Our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) framework is firmly rooted in  measurable and achievable targets. While these goals have a longer horizon, we're already demonstrating tangible and positive progress.

Awarded Ellect 4-star gold certification for outstanding Gender Equality in Business
Choosing carbon-neutral travel to limit greenhouse gas contributions
Supplier Code of Conduct to assure transparent and ethical supply chain
Measurable renewable energy targets promoting environmental sustainability

Our ESG Initiatives

For us, true impact means enabling diversity and inclusion in our workplace, giving back to our community and reducing direct and indirect environmental damage.

Empowered People

40/40/20 target for gender diversity
Our board has a 50:50 gender balance. We aim to achieve a 40:40:20 gender balance for an increasingly diverse team with varied perspectives and backgrounds.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
We are proud that Symbio has been nominated for the prestigious 2024 TechDiversity Award, in recognition for our Women@Symbio program.

2023 Ellect four-star certification
In collaboration with Ellect, we have achieved the highest certification for gender diversity, equity, and inclusion, showcasing our commitment to a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace for all.

Sustainability impact

Transition to 100% office renewable energy by FY25
We have a roadmap to measure and convert our owned office buildings data centers, and network sites to operate on renewable energy sources by 2025.

Diversion of 100% of e-waste from landfill by 2030
This goal ensures responsible waste management through equipment donations and responsible disposal in designated e-waste bins.  

Reducing carbon emissions
We aim to decrease our Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions by 42% from our FY22 levels by FY30, and further reduce them by 90% by FY50. Additionally, we are committed to measuring and reducing our Scope 3 emissions.

Connected Communities

Local community involvement
Symbio employees are empowered to help local community groups through paid volunteer leave with organisations such as the Ronald McDonald House and OzHarvest.

Learning and Development
We offer a broad learning and development program to support the upskilling of staff. This includes internal workshops, e-learning, and specialist training.

Support for social causes
We are proud of our achievements in support of social causes such as Movember and Steptember.

"Building a better world is at the heart of our business. Investing in sustainability strengthens Symbio and empowers our stakeholders, making the world a better place for our people and our customers."

Helen Fraser, Chief Legal Officer
Executive Sponsor for ESG and the Green Team

For more details, refer to the 2023 ESG Report

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