New coverage in Singapore

Announcing new coverage in Singapore

Rene Sugo


August 18, 2021

Today, Symbio is officially extending its coverage into Singapore, one of the most desirable but difficult to reach markets in the Asia-Pacific region.

PSTN replacement in Singapore

With Symbio, you have a complete PSTN replacement solution, localised for the Singapore market. In addition to our coverage and capabilities already available in Australia and New Zealand.

You can now provide inbound and outbound calling in Singapore, as well as local phone numbers and local number porting. Plus, all the usual advantages of Symbio: low latency, high quality, rapid deployment and local expertise on hand when you need it.

Symbio is the first fully interconnected carrier to build a voice network in Singapore for more than 20 years. It’s a milestone for Symbio, a breakthrough for our customers, and a new era for the Singapore communications market.

Overcoming the roadblocks of legacy providers

Before Symbio, communication service providers simply didn’t have the choice of a scalable, software-enabled carrier in Singapore. As a result, many providers simply chose not to go into this market.

Previously, international providers wishing to enter Singapore faced many roadblocks. These include complex infrastructure, unfamiliar regulations, a lack of software APIs and limitations on porting and using numbers. It simply wasn’t a market attuned to the needs of today’s communication providers.

It’s this context that makes our Singapore coverage special. Our offering provides increased choice for service providers, enabling new entrants to take on the legacy incumbents. Our PSTN replacement solution helps level the playing field and improve competition.

Roar louder in the Lion City

Now, communication service providers have a powerful suite of capabilities to help them get into the market and start moving customers to the cloud.

At launch, this includes:

  • Compliant, high quality outbound and inbound calling
  • Virtual local geographic numbers – suitable for use with VoIP and PSTN calling
  • Local geographic number porting and hosting

Our network has been purpose-built to meet the needs of today’s service providers, delivering high quality and minimal latency with the ability to operate at software scale.

Symbio is a proven partner for UCaaS, CPaaS, CCaaS and cloud-native telecommunication providers. We bring decades of innovation and Asia-Pacific market expertise, alongside a proven technology stack. All helping to bridge the gap between the worlds of telecoms and software.

The CPaaS platform for Asia Pacific

Our Singapore network launch is an important milestone for Symbio, but it is just the first stop in our Asia-Pacific expansion. We plan to extend our communications platform (CPaaS), network coverage and expertise into other countries in the region as well.

The pandemic has accelerated the global adoption of unified communications and collaboration. In turn, it has highlighted the role Symbio plays in enabling these services: providing a critical telecom backbone and simplifying international scale for service providers.  

This is just the beginning of a wider journey as we look to enable more providers around the world to deliver communication services, without having to rely on legacy networks.

Roar louder in the Lion City

Ready to launch and scale your communications in Singapore? Symbio makes it easy.

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