MNF becomes Symbio

MNF Group is becoming Symbio

Rene Sugo


November 19, 2021

Today, MNF Group has a new name, and a new vision for global growth.

Our shareholders yesterday approved the resolution to change our name to Symbio Holdings Limited – or more simply ‘Symbio’ – at our 2021 Annual General Meeting.

The name change will come into effect following additional regulatory approvals and is expected to be finalised by the end of November. The ASX code will change to SYM.


Why have we changed the name?

Our future is Symbio. MNF Group is our past. While we are proud of everything we have achieved as MNF Group, we are now looking ahead to the next decade of our business. By changing our name to Symbio we are beginning a new era.

Our 2030 vision is to support 100 million numbers on our network. We will achieve this by enabling our customers to enter and scale in more regions across Asia Pacific.

We plan to enter new regions under the Symbio brand. We are already executing on this vision, having successfully launched in Australia, New Zealand and most recently, Singapore.

Symbio is a known and established brand in ANZ. For almost two decades Symbio customers have relied on our software and network to enable their calling, messaging and numbering capabilities.

By moving to Symbio as our unified global brand, we are doubling down on what makes us unique in the market and valuable to our customers.


Looking ahead

We are excited to be moving forward under the Symbio brand, with a streamlined business model and an ambitious geographical expansion plan.

The change of name allows us to further position Symbio as a world-class leader in software communications as we enter new markets across the Asia Pacific region.

MNF Group is becoming Symbio Holdings

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