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MNF Group to disrupt Singapore domestic communications market with expansion

August 19, 2021

Industry-leading communications software and cloud infrastructure provider MNF Group (ASX: MNF) has officially launched its proprietary communications platform as a service offering in Singapore, via its wholesale business Symbio.

Symbio is the first fully inter-connected carrier to build network capabilities in Singapore for more than 20 years. Symbio’s entry introduces an entirely new unified communications capability into a market largely controlled by incumbent telecommunications providers, and long overdue for disruption.

CEO of MNF Group, Rene Sugo said: “Singapore is one of the most digitally competitive countries in the world but is severely lacking when it comes to advanced unified communications solutions. We are unlocking these capabilities to give users the freedom and flexibility to deliver next-generation communications solutions without relying on incumbent telecommunications providers.

MNF Group brings almost two decades of innovation and expertise alongside a proprietary technology stack that effectively bridges the gap between telecommunications and cloud-software. We’re in market with an offering that offers increased choice and better-quality services for businesses while bringing healthy competition to the telecommunications industry.”

This expansion will be a boon for many large businesses who are coming off the back of a strong period of innovation and are now looking to unlock even more capability. While opportunities already exist in countries such as Singapore, the technology that Symbio provides creates the building blocks for these companies to successfully launch and grow in the country.

Symbio’s wholesale IP-network enables nation-wide calling and number porting so customers can easily move phone numbers off legacy networks and into the cloud. This provides the freedom and flexibility to move numbers between providers - especially from incumbents - to deliver advanced unified communication solutions.

The first step in MNF Group’s regional growth story

MNF Group’s entry into Singapore is part of the company’s wider plans for expansion into Asia as the company capitalises on the global growth of unified communications (including CPaaS and UCaaS) which grew by nearly 30% in 2020(1).

A global hub for innovation, Singapore is a fast-growing region of Asia which offers significant commercial opportunities for MNF Group to bring its Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) offering into new markets. The expansion of MNF Group’s network will also enable international customers located outside of the Asian region to deliver unified telecommunications solutions in these markets.

Sugo said: “We have big plans to bring our home-grown innovation and expertise to other countries in Asia. The pandemic has accelerated the global adoption of advanced unified communications services and heightened the role MNF Group plays in unlocking those services for technology innovators, enabling them to do business in new markets.

This is just the beginning of a wider journey as we look to deliver our solutions and enable more people to enhance their unified communications and make it easy for users to move into the telco space without relying on legacy providers.”


MNF Group to disrupt Singapore communications market

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