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Andrew Tierney

Executive General Manager – Global

September 9, 2021

Global scale remains one of the thorniest challenges for communication service providers. TNZI and Symbio are coming together – as one – to address this critical need.

PSTN replacement for service providers

As a communications service provider, your customers simply expect that they can call any number or collaborate with anyone, worldwide.

However, speaking to our customers, including many of the world’s leading UCaaS and CPaaS vendors, one of the most common barriers to their growth is the difficulty of international PSTN replacement.

This is true for a small UC vendor scaling internationally for the first time, suddenly facing technical and regulatory roadblocks; and for an established, global provider wanting to deliver a new cloud product (like collaboration) but finding that their existing carrier partners can’t support what they want to do. 

Industry research backs this up. Recent Gartner analysis reveals: “most [global SIP trunking] providers have inconsistencies in the countries they service.” Coverage gaps limit your ability to offer customised number plans and routing and can mean higher call costs and less control over call quality. Simply put, coverage depth is a competitive advantage.

At TNZI and Symbio we see this every day. Communication service providers need a partner that can help them enable worldwide cloud communications, especially outside North America and Western Europe. For many providers, the Asia-Pacific region is a conspicuous coverage gap.

Simplifying global communications

To this end, I am pleased to announce that TNZI and Symbio are coming together –as one team – to address this critical industry need.

Through either TNZI or Symbio you will be able to access a complete suite of capabilities to enable cloud communications, especially in Asia-Pacific.

Asia Pacific numbers

Access virtual local phone numbers in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. Number porting, virtual mobile numbers and international toll-free numbers are available in selected regions.

Our coverage is expanding throughout Asia-Pacific and we are adding more number types and features regularly, based on customer demand. Contact us if you have a specific country of interest.

220+ global connections

Support outbound calling to any destination, fixed or mobile, with guaranteed quality and reliability. Through TNZI, we have longstanding relationships with over 220 routing partners around the world.

Our A-Z routing solutions can be tailored to a variety of usage profiles including Retail traffic requiring origin-based routing, Enterprise / UCaaS traffic and Wholesale call termination.

In-country presence

Unlike most aggregators, we operate our very own in-country infrastructure. Through Symbio we have our own multi-regional voice network directly connected with all local operators in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Our in-country presence ensures you can deliver a superior customer experience. With fewer ‘hops’ between you and the terminating carrier, you can expect unrivalled quality, reliability and control.

Software flexibility 

All our capabilities are built on a highly reliable and scalable software backbone. Portability is supported in selected regions, allowing you to move phone numbers off legacy networks and into the cloud. Porting is a crucial first step in migrating your local customers to UCaaS and cloud collaboration.

If you run into hold-ups, our porting experts are on your side. We have deep relationships with all local carriers and regulators, and work in the local time zone, so you’re not stuck waiting and wondering.

Global customer service

We can be your partner for number sourcing, porting and international voice. Deal with one Account Manager and one support team, on-hand to answer your questions, help you raise orders, and follow-up support or porting requests.

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