Unlocking growth in South-East Asia

Unlocking growth in South-East Asia with the Symbio SEA Hub

See-Kiat Yeo 杨时杰

Executive General Manager - South-East Asia

September 19, 2023

Are you ready for the next level of global growth? The drive for digital transformation in South-East Asia is creating an unprecedented demand for cloud communication. Major markets, including Malaysia and Singapore, are keen to adopt tools and technology that enable remote working and collaboration.

Key Statistics

Hybrid working is now preferred by over 70% of employees in Malaysia and Singapore.

In addition, building ‘digital resilience’ is a technology priority for 60% of businesses in Malaysia and Singapore.

In Asia and Oceania, the Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) market is forecast to grow revenue to almost $1 billion (USD) by 2027.

Malaysia is rapidly transforming into a digital economy and is a key expansion region for Fortune 500 and global tech companies.

What to look for in a carrier

South-East Asia is an important growth region for UCaaS and CPaaS, and picking the right carrier partner is vital to your success in these exciting markets.

You need a provider who:

1. Supports direct-to-carrier call routing, helping you improve the cost and quality of domestic and international call termination.

2. Provides access to local geographic and toll-free numbers, and porting (where available).

3. Understands your requirements and call handling needs in delivering core telco services in region.

4. Can confidently scale with fully compliant, carrier-grade voice coverage.

5. Is committed to compliance. A partner who will support you in ensuring you meet local anti-scam and emergency call standards

6. Will assist with understanding the local regulatory / licensing framework.

One connection, multiple countries

What if you could do all of this through a single regional carrier partner? One that could provide cost efficient, scalable, and high-availability voice coverage across South-East Asia?

Symbio’s Regional Hub delivers this and more, offering a wide range of capabilities including a wide range of local and toll-free numbers and in-country voice services.

Symbio SEA Hub

With the Symbio South-East Asian (SEA) Hub, you benefit from:

Single connection

Serve customers in Malaysia  and Singapore  via a single interconnect in either region. You only need one physical connection per region, saving the time and cost of building out carrier interconnects in both countries.

Flexible connectivity

Choose how you connect to our carrier network, with flexible options including: private peering, public peering, or public internet.

High quality

Deliver high quality, low latency calling between regions via redundant, private links between Singapore and Malaysia.

Consistent customer experience

Enjoy a consistent customer experience across Malaysia, Singapore and beyond. Including contractual schedules that cover multiple countries, and consistent processes and interfaces for onboarding, ordering and support.

Unlock growth in South-East Asia

Are you ready for the next level of global growth?

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