TNZI is becoming Symbio

TNZI is now Symbio

Rene Sugo

Global CEO

May 5, 2022

Today we announce that TNZI is becoming Symbio, creating a unified business powering cloud communication across Asia Pacific and the world.

Simpler, unified customer experience

Customers will benefit from a simpler buying experience, with a single worldwide account manager and deep voice coverage in Asia Pacific.

The change means that Symbio will play an even greater role in helping communication providers serve their multi-national customers with offices outside North America or Europe.

World wide coverage for UCaaS and CPaaS

As a combined business, Symbio will power 80% of providers in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for UCaaS and CCaaS, as well as leading vendors in the burgeoning CPaaS market.

Going forward, international voice and messaging services will be delivered under the Symbio brand in all regions, worldwide. The change comes as service providers increasingly look to international markets like Asia Pacific to fuel their growth.

Powering cloud communication in APAC

Many high growth software communication companies are entering Asia Pacific. Recent high-profile market entrants include Zoom, Twilio and Dialpad.

As multi-national enterprises adopt UCaaS and CPaaS solutions they naturally expect to deploy them in all regions. But all too often APAC countries are a ‘coverage gap’ – which is where Symbio comes in.

Symbio works with software vendors and enterprise managed service providers, giving them access to the local phone numbers and call termination needed to ‘bridge the gap’ in APAC countries.  

We provide virtual phone numbers in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam as well as powering international calling across the full A-Z of global destinations.

Farewell TNZI

TNZI (formerly Telecom New Zealand International) joined Symbio in 2015, bringing with it a storied and respected history.

For decades, TNZI has kept the world connected. TNZI can trace its roots to the pioneering telegraph lines that provided New Zealand with news of the wider world.

Within the telecom industry TNZI is known as a founding member of the Pacific Telecoms Council (PTC), International Telecoms Week (ITW) and a key voice in global communications policy.

Today, TNZI is at the forefront of cloud communications and powers international calling for the world’s leading UCaaS and CPaaS brands.

Throughout its long history TNZI has never stood still. It has continuously adapted to technology change, regulatory change and helped restore communications after natural disasters.

Symbio is honoured to inherit and continue this proud legacy.

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