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Truly global communications


Deliver truly global communications with TNZI and Symbio

Global PSTN replacement remains one of the thorniest challenges for communication service providers. TNZI and Symbio are coming together – as one – to address this critical need.

Bold multiculturally diverse team

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MNF reports FY21 results at top-end of guidance Record phone number growth of 29% Recurring revenue up 12%

MNF Group has announced its financial results for the full year ending 30 June 2021, with a strong performance across all metrics.

MNF Group Singapore domestic communications market - Helix Bridge

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MNF Group to disrupt Singapore domestic communications market with expansion

Industry-leading communications software and cloud infrastructure provider MNF Group (ASX: MNF) has officially launched its proprietary communications platform as a service offering in Singapore, via its wholesale business Symbio.

New coverage in Singapore


Announcing new coverage in Singapore

Today, Symbio is officially extending its coverage into Singapore, one of the most desirable but difficult to reach markets in the Asia-Pacific region.

Crack the Singapore market with Symbio


How to scale global voice services into Singapore

We built our Singapore voice network to level the playing field for cloud communication providers. Learn how our approach gives you a competitive edge.

Hands coming together in group

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MNF Group expands its people focus appointing Cathy Doyle as first Chief People Experience Officer

The appointment of a Chief People Experience Officer elevates MNF's commitment to its people from to an executive level.

Inbound Call Management


Why Inbound Call Management is a Game-Changer for Telecoms Resellers

Number Manager is our new online tool for inbound call management. Like all our products, this can be white-labeled, making it suitable for you to rebrand and resell or provide to end-customers.

Protect your business from cyber-threats


Fight toll fraud with pre-paid international SIP trunks

Toll Fraud is a financial cybercrime executed in the telecom domain. Learn about the measures Symbio has taken to protect your business and revenue with, on-net fraud monitoring and pre-paid international SIP trunks.

Map of Australia and New Zealand

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Symbio Networks updates brand ahead of regional expansion

Symbio Networks is updated to Symbio, in a strategic move to differentiate the company's capabilities from those of legacy telecommunications providers.