Singapore Number Porting

Levelling the number porting playing field for cloud communication providers in Singapore

Craig Walker

Lead Product Manager, Global Voice

October 27, 2021

To help spur the cloud communications industry in Singapore, Symbio is temporarily waiving a variety of fees and charges for Singapore numbers. Helping global providers and challenger telecoms compete with legacy networks.

The Singapore UCaaS opportunity

As the world reopens after the pandemic, business leaders across Asia Pacific (APAC) are prioritising the adoption of cloud technology.

Singapore is among the top three markets for cloud technology in Asia Pacific with the largest overall IT spend across applications, platforms, infrastructure, and services.

Little wonder that many global communication players are prioritising Singapore, adding Singapore numbers to their inventory or enhancing call quality with domestic call termination.

However, when it comes to cloud communication technologies, the Singapore market is still dominated by legacy providers – and number porting is a key reason why.

Why number porting is a roadblock to cloud comms migration 

In North America and Western Europe, porting local geographic or inbound phone numbers is relatively simple and affordable. In Singapore, however, porting is more complicated and often costlier. The headaches of local number porting mean it can become a showstopper for cloud migration.

Cost of number porting in Singapore

Symbio research reveals that geographic number porting is more expensive in Singapore in comparison to other countries in the region.

Australia, for comparison, provides flat-rate charges when submitting large number port applications.  Whereas in Singapore, porting charges are per number. This means that upfront porting costs can run into tens of thousands of dollars when managing enterprise cloud migrations.

Porting is key to cloud comms migration

Higher porting costs are a barrier to cloud adoption. Customers want to be able to bring their own numbers and use them with their preferred unified communications platform.

Moreover, higher number porting costs make it difficult for cloud providers to compete with legacy incumbents.

Numbering Plan data from the Singapore regulator appears to bear this out. At the time of writing, almost 80% of geographic Level 6 numbers are held by just one legacy carrier.

How we’re helping cloud comms providers

Free porting & free number setup

Cloud communication providers will play a crucial role in delivering the technologies that businesses need to enable hybrid work, and global collaboration.

So, to help fuel the growth of cloud communications in Singapore, we’re temporarily covering the cost of porting and allocating Level 3 and Level 6 numbers.

The following charges are being waived for eligible orders placed before January 31, 2022:

  • Number porting charges
  • Set up charges for new number allocations
  • Set up charges for new SIP channels

To get more information about this offer, and its terms and conditions, please contact Symbio sales or your Symbio / TNZI account manager.

Dedicated porting success team

Lowering cost is just one part of how we’re working to improve number porting.  

The Singapore number porting process can be a surprise to global players who are unfamiliar with the regional telecom market. Providing voice and communication services in Singapore means navigating complex regulations.

That’s why we have dedicated porting experts who operate in the Singapore time zone, working directly with local carriers to ensure numbers are migrated successfully. Our Singapore porting team are available to guide and help you at every stage of the porting process.

This is a stark contrast to many global aggregators who are several degrees removed, often operating in a different hemisphere, and therefore cannot offer responsive service or local market expertise.

Helping you compete and win in Singapore

We built our Singapore network to be different. To help cloud communication providers to succeed and scale in new markets across Asia Pacific. Launching this initiative is a key step in supporting the development of a vibrant regional cloud communications ecosystem.

Bring your Singapore numbers to Symbio

Receive free number porting or free setup for new number allocations. Contact our team for more information. Limited time only.

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Singapore Number Porting


Levelling the number porting playing field for cloud communication providers in Singapore

Symbio is temporarily waiving a variety of fees and charges for Singapore numbers. Helping cloud and UCaaS providers compete with legacy networks.

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